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Jill was able to help me through the most difficult time in my life. I was suffering from deep depression and anger. I also been using drugs and alcohol for decades and was hooked. I’ve gone through so much in my life I should have been dead, I needed help.

Jill was my savior. She is patient, non-judgmental and empathetic. She truly listens and tells it like it is. Because of these wonderful qualities I was able to open the floodgates. I still see Jill and been drug-free for seven years. I am the happiest I’ve ever been.

Thank you Jill, you are truly meant to do what you do!

I feel so fortunate to have found Jill Ripkin following a traumatic relationship. Exceptionally knowledgeable, she puts to great use her firm-but-empathetic and skilled approach at helping to navigate the journey towards healing. She draws on decades-long experience, extensively researched evidence, and sensitive insight to guide those of us who sought her help. Her optimism fills me with hope for my future.

Jill provides a comfortable and welcoming space where I can share my most personal and sensitive thoughts. When I speak with Jill, she has a way of engaging with me that makes me feel heard and respected. The insight Jill provides has guided me through challenges I face with self-esteem and personal relationships and has helped me develop a way of thinking that is more self-aware and self-loving. Thanks to my time with Jill, I am better able to handle adversity in my life and approach the problems I face with a healthy, positive outlook.

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For the past eight years, I have had the privilege of working with Jill Ripkin as my psychotherapist. As I like to say, she has given me the tools in my tool box to deal with all situations both in my personal and professional life. Through her encouragement, I meditate each day. I also recognise on a regular basis my feelings of anger, sadness, and happiness. I have learned to acknowledge each feeling and accept it. I believe because of my work with Jill, I live my life more from my heart than my head.

I am grateful for how my life has opened up to so many more possibilities. I take what I learn through my work with Jill and put it into action in life’s events and circumstances. I would strongly recommend Jill Ripkin to anyone who just needs a little help with life.

… Through my work with Jill Ripkin, I have made changes in my life that I never dreamed possible. I sold a business and opened one on my own. I try new foods, clothes, and change the way I life each day. Jill helped you see both sides of every situation and gives you the courage to go beyond your comfort zone.

My relationships with my mother, husband, and kids are better because of the work I continue to do with Jill! Jill Ripkin is special and the time I spend with her gives me tools to clear my head to enjoy every moment I am given in this life!

Sunllilght filters through trees in a dense forest

I was skeptical about going to therapy, thinking that humans have consciousness and can help themselves, not to mention wary of being prescribed drugs. But a few years ago, circumstances in my life reached a point where I knew I needed help. Simply put, I was dying inside and saw no way out.
Let’s be clear about something: neither pill nor potion will resolve the issues you face in life. The road to change is hard and long, with plenty of setbacks. It is not for everyone. It takes time to undo destructive patterns you may not even understand you wreak. Only repetition can drill into you that being a victim is a choice, or that shame and guilt are destructive and pointless emotions.

The news from someone perhaps a little farther ahead on the road is this: The negative voices in your head can go away. The past can stay there and stop destroying your present. You can attract people who help you, not hurt you. Your fate is not written — you can change your life, and make it your own. You can succeed in ways that will surprise you.

Jill helped me navigate a tough situation at work that, given my reactive behavior, probably would have cost the old me my job. Instead, by learning how to be patient and not react, I was promoted.

The reality is that when we learn to face our fears, they melt away. Eventually, they stop repeating themselves, clearing the way for a more meaningful life. If you can find the courage, and I hope you do, there is no better companions to help you down that path than Jill.

Starting therapy with Jill several years ago was one of the best gifts I have ever given myself. Jill’s guidance, insight, and holistic approach to therapy have helped me to greatly improve my patterns of thinking, my mood, and my life as a whole. I leave each therapy session with less emotional weight than when I first walked through her doors that day, and I always have at least one new strategy to try. She has helped me to navigate emotions related to previous trauma, a career change, medical issues, and much more. I am incredibly grateful for having Jill as my therapist!

Jill came into my life during a very difficult transition. She gladly spoke with me for an hour on the phone before I was even her client. I appreciated her unique combination of professional knowledge and genuine empathy. Most importantly, Jill has the wisdom of a sage and the ability to communicate it effectively. She is one in a million and I am forever grateful for all she has done for me. Jill is an angel on earth!

Sunllilght filters through trees in a dense forest

Before visiting Jill, I was smoking marijuana day and night. I was depressed, drinking, and I was an angry person. I was also suffering from grief after losing my wife and mother within four days of each other.

I started smoking marijuana when I was 13 years old and I am now 57 years old… thats 44 years. I had three suppliers so I would never be without the stuff. The last five years got bad; I did nothing in life without smoking first. I was smoking every morning, in my company vehicle, risking my job, before dinner, after dinner, and throughout the evening. A million times I tried to cut back, telling myself that the next time I bought pot that I was going to just smoke on the weekends. It never worked. As soon as I got the pot, my routine started all over again.

Jill was my savior. She instructed me that I needed to go home immediately and dispose of all my pot and paraphernalia. “Everything”, she said, otherwise I surely would relapse and she would not be able to help me with my head in a fog.

Two weeks later, I went through withdrawals. I had headaches, stomach cramps, diarrhea, nausea, and insomnia. I hardly slept for two weeks and when I did, my dreams were so vivid and intense I woke up totally rattled and would take a while to adjust to reality. I actually thought I was going to die.

The next few months Jill got me to open up and vent all of my pain and anger. I was amazed how she always picked up on my moods and body language during these sessions. I also learned and accepted that I suffer from an addiction.

I have been sober for six months now. I meditate, I’m happy, and I have gotten back my life… The focus and attention I received from Jill has been life-changing.

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