Jill Ripkin psychotherapist

About Jill

I am currently a Licensed Professional, National Board Certified Counselor and Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor working at my own private practice in Wayne, Pennsylvania (affiliated with DiGorio Ripkin Counseling Associates).

Able to reach a large and diverse population, I am fortunate to work with men and women (18 years and older) who are facing challenges which naturally arise in life’s unpredictable fashion, such as separation, divorce, loss, relationship and communication issues, career interruptions, substance use/misuse, depression, anxiety, parenting concerns, stress management and trauma. Formerly, I worked for Holcomb Behavioral Health Systems as the Liaison and a proud member of the Drug Court Treatment Team for Chester County and its battle to help people caught up in our legal system gain Recovery.

Often an individual’s initial reaction to these events mentioned above may be feelings of confusion, overwhelm, fear, depression, anxiety and hopelessness, sometimes not knowing who and where to turn for help and direction.

My goal in our interactive therapeutic relationship is to provide in-session opportunities, guidance and psychoeducation, which can allow an individual a chance to gain insight, self-awareness, new tools, determination and the confidence to “realize” their innate ability to successfully make adjustments that promote long lasting change and overall well-being. An area of particular interest and expertise is meditation and mindfulness which has evolved to be an evidence-based practice that is a great support to long term positive outcomes.

It is with the greatest regard and respect for my clients that I support each person as they learn to trust in and develop their abilities to define, implement, and move forward on their path and healing.

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