Listed below are some of Jill’s recommended podcasts and episodes:

Podcast: Unlocking Us

Brené Brown  (click here to listen)
“Conversations that unlock the deeply human part of who we are, so that we can live, love, parent, and lead with more courage and heart.”

Podcast: Dare to Lead

Brené Brown  (click here to listen)
“Conversations with change-catalysts, culture-shifters, and more than a few troublemakers who are innovating, creating, and daring to lead.”

Podcast: Super Soul Sunday

Oprah Winfrey  (click here to listen)
“The Emmy award-winning Super Soul Sunday is a daytime series on OWN that delivers insight and inspiration from renowned thought leaders to awaken viewers to their best selves and discover a deeper connection to the world around them.”

Podcast: Oprah's Master Class

Oprah Winfrey  (click here to listen)
“Oprah’s Master Class tells the stories you’ve never heard from the people you thought you knew best. Hand-picked by Oprah Winfrey for their unique impact on the world, true modern masters from Academy Award-winning actors, to Grammy-winning musicians, to ground-breaking athletes, share the greatest lessons they’ve learned along the way. In an intimate setting, they share their successes, their failures, their triumphs, disappointments and heartbreaks.”

Podcast: Small Things Often

Drs. John & Julie Gottman  (click here to listen)
“Successful long-term relationships are created through small words, small gestures, and small  acts. In each episode, Drs. John and Julie Gottman talk you through research-based tips to help improve your relationships in five minutes or less.

Small Things Often is an invitation to think small. It could make a big difference.”

Podcast: Ten Percent Happier

Dan Harris  (click here to listen)
Dan Harris is a fidgety, skeptical journalist who had a panic attack on live national television, which led him to try something he otherwise never would have considered: meditation. He went on to write the bestselling book, 10% Happier. On this show, Dan talks with eminent meditation teachers, top scientists, and even the odd celebrity.

Podcast: Where Should We Begin?

Esther Perel  (click here to listen)
A Podcast for anyone who has ever loved. Step into iconic couples therapist Esther Perel’s office and listen as real couples anonymously bare the raw, intimate, and profound details of their story. From infidelity, to sexlessness, to loss, it’s a space for people to be heard and understood. It’s also a place for us to listen and feel empowered in our own relationships. So.. where should we begin?

Episode #418. How Not to Ruin Your Relationships | Drs. John & Julie Gottman

Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris | Feb. 14, 2022  (click here to listen)

This episode explores: how to talk (and listen) to your partner in moments of conflict; what to do before you start trying to solve a problem together; why “there’s no such thing as constructive criticism;” the details of John’s research findings, which have allowed him to predict with stunning accuracy whether a couple will get divorced; how the Gottmans themselves do when it comes to operationalizing their findings/advice; how and why betrayal occurs; when a couple should consider separating; the role mindfulness can play in healthy relationships; and the role of humor in relationships.

Content warning: There are a few mentions of sensitive topics, most notably domestic violence, which Julie discusses for a few minutes towards the end of the interview.